Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love...

All of the windmills... and the wind :)
How GREEN the grass is
How often it rains
How the fields turn from brilliant gold to cherry red in the spring

How the sun is only down for 3 hours in the summer
The long bus rides
The even longer train rides
The old man on the corner that waves to all of the cars
Playing ping pong in between classes
How the tallest point in Denmark is not much taller than the hill I live on
How they have letters I still can't correctly pronounce
Being called “the American”
When my class breaks out into song
How they get scared when there is more than 6 inches of snow on the ground
Meeting exchange students everywhere I go, because it’s such a small country
The freedom I have here
Being asked to say “rødgrød med fløde”
All of the walks they go on
How everything here is like a fairytale

They bike everywhere... even in the rain and snow
All of the brick roads
They have a Queen
The beautiful/interesting language
When people don’t notice that I’m an exchange student
Being one of 5 million in the world that can speak Danish
How the beach is only 20 minutes away, no matter where you are on Fyn
How fresh the food is
Livepostej, frikedella, fleskastej
How many potatoes they eat
Rugbrød and remoulade
Partying like a Dane
Odense classic
How they put flags up everywhere when it’s someone’s birthday
The blonde hair and blue eyes
How they dance around the Christmas tree holding hands
How much they love their country
How easy it is to travel from here
Rotary Youth Exchange Program
My new friends from all over the world
My amazing counsellor, Arivd
My 6 new brothers
My 3 new sisters
My 3 new moms and dads
My class. More than they will ever know

I hate that it's almost over

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of and made possible my year in Denmark - all of my exchange student friends, my families, Rotarians, the Danes, and all of those in between. It's been such an amazing year, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Tak for ALT Danmark. Jeg kommer til at savne jer alle sammen så meget! Men det er ikke en farvel, kun en vi ses :)

All for now,


  1. Wonderful blog post, Heidi... my favorite one. I'm so sad for you that it's coming to an end, but happy that we get to see you soon. Remember what Dr. Suess said: "Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it happened."

  2. This is possibly the cutest thing ever. I can't WAIT to see you and share stories of our years- it sounds like yours has been alright ;) Have a safe trip home, Heidi! America will be celebrating your return in full force haha