Monday, September 6, 2010

Egeskov Castle

In the past week I've been enjoying being back at school with my classmates, and also back at home with my wonderful host family. On Thursday I went to a concert in Odense for a band called Dúné. It was a free, outdoor concert and they were very good live. I went with Soren, Missy (the other exchange student from Minnesota), and her host sister Marie-Louise. There were so many people there, but somehow we managed to make our way to the front of the crowd during the concert. We stayed out a bit late for a school night, but it was worth it.
My father, Niels, is a veterinarian who works with large animals, and on Sunday, he asked if I would like to come with to some of his "patient's" homes. I figured it would be some great bonding time, so I agreed to go along. We went to 3 different farms on the Fyn Island and he helped a cow that couldn't stand up, a horse that wouldn't eat, and another horse who couldn't control it's saliva. It was quite an interesting experience! I got a tour around one of the farms and I got to see the robot milking machines that they use on the farm. Once we returned home, Soren and I took a trip to Egeskov Castle in a town called Kværndrup. This castle was amazing! It was built in 1554, and is known for being built completely on oak piling in the middle of a lake. It is the best preserved moat castle in Europe, and the current Duke actually lives there! We took a tour around the upstairs floors of the castle and then we walked around the mazes and the museums around the castle. The inside was gorgeous. My favorite room in the castle was "Titania's Palace" which had a doll house in it that took 15 years to make. The details on this doll house were incredible, and there were so many small pieces of furniture in it. The museums around the castle had old fashioned cars, motorcycles and airplanes in them, along with several souvenir shops and dining areas. Overall, it was a great day! Here are a few photos from the concert and the castle:



  1. Heidi,
    Your Danish life sounds absolutely amazing!
    Isn't Egeskov Castle great?! I loved all the stories with many of the items on display, especially with the doll house and the duke's newest suit of armor. Your pictures from the castle are beautiful!!
    How do Danish farms compare with American farms? Good for you for saying yes to going along with your host father. What a great experience!
    Keep enjoying!

  2. I was just in Denmark today visiting Louisiana, an art museum near Copenhagen, with my class. It was beautiful! I thought of you as I got on the ferry. It was a three hour bus right and a twenty minute ferry ride.
    It sounds like you are having an amazing time!